Ridgeland, MS Office Adopts 4 Floors for the Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital's Adopt-a-Floor Program

February 09, 2015

The Ridgeland, Mississippi office recently completed a successful charity drive for the Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital “Adopt-a-Floor” program.  Through the charitable donations of our staff, Michael Baker International successfully adopted 4 full floors at the hospital and reached our ultimate milestone of delivering over 1,400 individually wrapped snacks for patient’s families.

Batson Children’s Hospital serves thousands of patients annually, with many of them receiving treatment that requires them to spend countless hours, days or even months at the facility. Family members don’t always feel comfortable leaving their child to go buy lunch or find snack machines, and are faced with not only physical setbacks, but financial setbacks as well. Through the Hospital’s program, Michael Baker International’s staff fulfilled a mission to lessen the burden as the families go through their journey.

The Adopt-a-Floor program allowed Michael Baker International to help patients’ families (some of which have been our own staff in recent years) by donating pre-packaged, individually wrapped snacks. The program has grown to include numerous areas of patient care throughout the hospital, and serves 350 individual snacks each week, on every floor, to the families.

Pictured above is a sampling of contributing Ridgeland staff (along with their donations), that participated in the successful charity drive.(L-R) Charles Curcio, Sandy Watkins, Roy Holmes, Martha Nelson, Wendell Erwin, Mitch Carr, Mitch Tyler, Steven Henderson, Chris Black, Zach Grayson, Luke McMahen, Stephen Clancy, Scott Peterson, Ashleigh Rhyne-Stansbury, and Ryan McDonald.