Applying Water Expertise to Plan for Pollution Control and Prevention

July 26, 2016

Michael Baker helps to provide stormwater planning for UDOT and training for facility personnel

Michael Baker experts are working with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) to develop a comprehensive Stormwater Management plan and individual Stormwater Pollution Prevention plans for more than 100 maintenance and equipment facilities operated by UDOT. The company is able to apply its broad expertise in water quality and water management to solve the complex statewide challenge.


A closer look at storage tanks at one of UDOT's 100 maintenance and equipment facilities statewide

"Effective stormwater management is a critical mandate for communities large and small—from  protecting the water supply and preventing flooding to reducing pollution,” said Mike Arens, vice president and office executive for Michael Baker’s Utah operations. “Michael Baker has demonstrated experience in developing intricate Stormwater Management plans for Caltrans and a number of municipalities in California and Arizona, and our nationally recognized experts are now applying their knowledge to help UDOT solve their challenges. Our solution is focused on EPA compliance as well as the anticipated demands of tomorrow, particularly in areas that are expecting growth in the years to come."

The Michael Baker-led team has completed an evaluation of UDOT’s facilities statewide to gather data for the development and updating of Stormwater Pollution Prevention plans. It also has been developing standard operating procedures and design guidelines for future pollution prevention measures along with a comprehensive training program for all UDOT-facility personnel.

Michael Baker is helping to evaluate maintenance and equipment facilities operated by UDOT to gather data.


The next phase of the project, recently awarded to Michael Baker, involves mapping UDOT’s storm-drain systems and outfall locations statewide. The mapping project will help to fill gaps in the initial drainage GIS data collection. A complete inventory of storm drains in the state will help UDOT manage its performance and monitor potential pollution discharge in compliance with the Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES) MS4 Stormwater Discharge Permit.