PRO-FILE: Anca Anastasescu

June 27, 2016

Get to know Anca Anastasescu, a Project Controls Engineer at Michael Baker International

Anca Anastasescu
Project Controls Engineer | Alexandria, VA
What is your role at Michael Baker?
I am part of the Financial Group and do project controls and financial analysis for the Construction Division of Professional Services in the Alexandria office. I am the liaison between the Operational and Financial groups.
My role is to manage, analyze and understand the three most important things: scope of work, cost and schedule, and to “predict” the status of a project through communication and information with the entire team.
What do you find most challenging about your job?
It is hard to change an old mentality of “I have been doing it like this for X years” and to encourage people to follow procedures and to have an overall view of the project/program rather than focusing on their specific areas.
What has been the most rewarding project you've worked on at Michael Baker? 
Balad Life Support – $600 M two operational years contract and Balad Construction – $200 M.
What does a day on the job look like for you?
Reading and answering my emails, defining my priorities and emergencies for the day, talking with the project managers about changes on projects, working on my recurring reports and making sure they are accurate and reflect the latest data from the field, and continuously communicating with the team.
It is a constant learning process with a lot of team work, and I enjoy being part of it.
What made you want to pursue this career field? 
I think Project Control chose me. I like the “duality” of my job.  I am an analytical person, so I like numbers, and at the same time, I like to be exposed to and understand the technical and operational sides of a project. It is a rewarding feeling to see how a project takes shape from the initial bid/estimated stage and going through all phases to become a final product.
Favorite TV show?  Suits

Last book you read?  Luxury Promise – Asa Hellberg

What is one accomplishment that you're most proud of? Completion of the Michael Baker Project Core Management training

What is the number one thing on your bucket list?  PMP certificate

Winter or summer? Summer