Michael Baker Partners with Bridges to Prosperity for Project in Central America

March 30, 2016

Michael Baker to Build a Future for Isolated Communities

logo-color-english.jpgMichael Baker’s global reach takes on added significance this year thanks to the company’s newly formed partnership with Bridges to Prosperity, a nonprofit organization that provides isolated communities with access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers.

Several Michael Baker International employees will travel to Mantiguas, Nicaragua for two weeks in July to assist with the construction of the El Jobo Suspension Footbridge. The 80-to-90-meter bridge will dramatically improve mobility and access for more than 5,000 residents in this remote part of the country, and will support Bridges to Prosperity’s vision of a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists.

Made up of 10 to 12 employees, the diverse Michael Baker team will represent the company’s breadth of experience and talents. It will include a project manager, safety manager, construction manager, logistics coordinator, communications coordinator and many supporting team members. Each day, the team will perform 8 to 12 hours of physical labor alongside community members as well as engineers and project coordinators from Bridges to Prosperity.

btp3.JPG“This project will be an important milestone for Michael Baker to strongly demonstrate our commitment to community service and to foster long-term relationships with Bridges to Prosperity. We’re honored to partner with this organization to help give these communities the opportunities they deserve,” said Kurt Bergman, CEO of Michael Baker International.

Bridges to Prosperity provides resources to rural communities, corporate partners and university students to build footbridges in developing communities around the world. Programs span cultural and geographical divides, bringing individuals together in the pursuit of inspiration, personal achievement and global citizenship. Each bridge project becomes a hands-on classroom, teaching tradespeople and university students locally viable and replicable technology.[source: Bridges to Prosperity]

Stay tuned for stories and photos from the trip later this year.