Dana Hoffman

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Dana Hoffman is a City Planner at Michael Baker International, based in beautiful, downtown Oakland, California. Her practice is focused on delivering long-range plans for cities and counties that provide comprehensive coverage of land use, circulation, conservation, safety and other issues facing jurisdictions in the long-term. Dana is especially passionate about finding climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions for communities to succeed though changing conditions.

Dana hails from Denver, Colorado, where she procured her love of mountains and snobbery towards peaks lower than 6,000 feet in elevation. She has also lived in Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC, and enjoys every opportunity to explore places outside the U.S., as well. Dana is an avid cycler, jogger and hiker, and partakes as often as possible with her friends, family and partner. She also enjoys hands-on projects and art when she finds the time. She, mournfully, has no animals but will gladly play with yours.