Roger Cain

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Roger Cain is a 2001 Florida State Structures Engineer working as a Structural Engineer in Michael Baker International’s Tallahassee, Florida office since 2010. He primarily designs concrete and steel highway bridges and other highway structures.

He is also a project manager for a local agency, Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency where he is involved in many other civil projects that create parks and useable spaces out of stormwater facilities. As a project manager for Blueprint, he has been able to work on world class park projects, stormwater projects, trails, a skate park and his favorite so far, interactive fountains.

Roger loves heavy metal music, pretending to play awesome guitar, mountain biking, kickboxing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfboarding, almost all kinds of boarding. He’s a line cook, a chimney sweep, a carpenter, and a woodworker. Loves climbing trees and rocks, hiking mountains to see from the top, and diving the ocean to see the bottom. He is Popper to the world’s best and most beautiful daughter, veterinary assistant, Summer.