Energy Management Services

Contract Number: GS-00F-0032M
Contract Period:  February 1, 2002 through January 31, 2022

Michael Baker incorporates an integrated approach toward energy management by assessing client needs through service offerings such as energy surveys and audits, implementation of goal setting, and “standing-up” of carbon tracking software for solutions to reduce energy and water usage.  Michael Baker technical staff also offer low impact development (LID) strategies, and higher efficiency solutions related to “green” roof design, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing replacement and upgrade.
Time and material (T&M) or firm fixed price (FFP) orders for Energy Management services can be placed directly with Baker by using approved labor categories and ceiling rates.  Discounted rates may be offered on individual task orders or under blanket purchase agreements (BPA).  The Energy Management Schedule can be used by Federal agencies and authorized organizations for domestic and overseas initiatives.  However; under the Professional Services Schedule, SINs C871-202/RC and C871-207/RC may only be used in an ancillary function to the other SINs on the PSS.  In other words, these two SINs cannot be used under the PSS on a stand-alone basis, that is for an order that is entirely SIN C871-202/RC and/or C871-207/RC.
Consolidated Special Item Numbers (SINs) awarded to Baker under the 03FAC Schedule are:

  • C871-202/RC Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • C871-207/RC Energy Audit Services
Note: The RC after any SIN means that it may be used for GSA's Disaster Recovery Program where appropriate.

Specific SIN descriptions

SIN C871-202/RC – Energy Management Planning and Strategies
A four-phase Comprehensive Energy Management Solution consisting of all four phases of an energy project and could pertain to a variety of energy projects that include, but are not limited to, renewable energy, sustainable energy, and energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED. 1. Consulting / Auditing / Energy Management Solutions - The strategic planning, energy assessments e.g. feasibility, vulnerability and other detailed assessments, developing and executing of energy audits, audit plans and energy management solutions. 2. Concept Development and Requirements Analysis - The analysis of the audit results and outlined requirements to design a detailed energy management project concept. 3. Implementation and Change Management - The implementation and integration of more energy efficient practices and systems and training in using them effectively. 4. Measurement and Verification - The performance assessment and measurement of the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the project and can include long term monitoring, verification of savings and benchmarking.

SIN C871-207/RC - Energy Audit Services
Including, but not limited to, developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans and/or performing energy and water audit services. Energy audits may range from cursory to comprehensive. Including, but not limited to data collection, data analysis, benchmarking with tools such as Energy Star, and written recommendations of suggested upgrades of electrical and mechanical infrastructure, including their impact on energy consumption and pollution can include recommendations for using alternative Energy Sources. Audit services can include computerized control systems using analytical software and a network of electronic devices to assist Federal agencies with achieving energy conservation goals. Energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED may be included.
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Contract Administration Manager
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