Geospatial Information Technology

Michael Baker leverages the power of innovative geospatial information technology to better provide service to our public and private sector clients.

We are a national leader in implementing straightforward approaches to development and deployment of scalable enterprise Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) solutions. We deliver systems and personnel to meet our clients’ ever evolving demands in such industries as government, telecommunications, water resources, energy and pipelines, and air and surface transportation. With nearly 80 years of planning, engineering, construction, surveying and mapping expertise, we have produced millions of square miles of cartographic and imagery data of the earth’s surface.

We use aerial, static and mobile Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) systems that accurately determine range, elevation and other critical mapping data. With hundreds of GIT, survey, mapping and IT professionals across North America, we possess the in-house experience and resources to support all elements of your program, including needs analysis, digitizing/data conversion, custom mapping applications and systems documentation, implementation and training.

Partnering with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority to Safely Deliver a Vital Resource

Like many cities, Pittsburgh was built on century old infrastructure, including lead water service lines. Today, Pittsburgh's drinking water is at risk for lead exposure, which can cause extreme health issues for families.

Michael Baker partnered with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) to establish a Curb Box Inspection Program to generate an inventory of lead service lines and their locations throughout the PSWA water distribution system. Our survey and GIS inspection crews utilized the latest technology and custom applications specifically written for this project to identify where lead service lines are located and will need to be replaced. Rebuilding those parts of the system is critical to PWSA's ability to meet the city's water and sewer needs

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