Eareckson Air Station Repair Power Plant Siding

Location: Shemya Island, Alaska

Eareckson Air Station is located at the end of the Aleutian Chain, closer to Tokyo than Anchorage.  The remote location is extremely challenging for logistics and construction, requiring barging of all materials and equipment.  The base experiences extreme climatic conditions, almost on a daily basis, to include freezing temperatures, sideways driving rain, winter storms with hurricane force winds and high sea states.  The marine environment is extremely corrosive to facilities, which experience rapid wear.

The Power Plant is the central piece of infrastructure responsible for keeping the air station running, allowing operation of the airfield and facilities, in addition to the radar system that is part of the ballistic missile defense system.

Michael Baker assisted Brice Environmental rapidly develop suitable architectural and structural construction documents and calculations for the re-siding of the facility.  The solution called for new insulated metal panels backed by an innovative application of spray foam insulation ensured sealing out all potential moisture.

Michael Baker developed an affordable, efficient design-build package, which was delivered in a few short weeks, allowing Brice Environmental to rapidly order materials for barging to Eareckson.  The work was completed efficiently without disruption to plant operations.

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