Ladd Field Area Development Plans

Location: Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Michael Baker provided providing planning services to develop three comprehensive area development plans at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, in compliance with Unified Facilities Criteria 2-100-01. Michael Baker examined the historic Ladd Field for against new airfield operation requirements, to include the new Gray Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles and developed proposals for taxiways and runways, new road alignments around the airfield perimeter, and potential siting for additional facilities and infrastructure.  Services include charrettes with numerous interested parties at Fort Wainwright; sustainable planning; natural, historic, and cultural resource management; healthy community planning; defensible planning; capacity planning; network planning; form-based planning; facility standardization and plan-based programming; long-range visioning; installation development planning; installation planning standards development; GIS analysis; cost estimating; and the creation of regulating plans.

Deliverables included graphic plans with alternatives, reports with supporting documentation, prioritized programmatic facility and infrastructure documentation, and estimates.

Ladd Field is known historically as a ferrying point of departure of fighter and bomber aircraft bound for the Soviet Union during WWII as part of the Lend-Lease program.  Today, Ladd Field serves the Army’s helicopter battalions, the Gray Eagle Mission, and provides for the global mobilization of Alaska-based Army troops and Air Force cargo aircraft.

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