U.S. Supreme Court Restoration

Location: Washington, DC

The heart of the American justice system, a National Historic Landmark designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, was completed in 1935. Time has taken its toll on the monument. Portions of the stone pediment fell from the front elevation, creating a life safety hazard. Much of the exterior marble was damaged and eroding from pollution. ar more than an aesthetic issue, the stone damage and erosion provided opportunities for water infiltration into the building that could cause further damage. A cutting edge approach to cleaning and repair was created using laser cleaning, a technique new to the United States but commonly used in other countries. Work also included direction for stone consolidation of eroding material as well as cleaning recommendations for bronze and copper fa├žade details, grilles and windows. Quality control reviews were provided for preservation and design of the underground addition at the Court, phased interior restoration of the building, and a new visitor center.

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