Hoover Dam Multi-Use Green Building – Spillway House

Location: Clark County, NV

The Hoover Dam Multi-Use Green Building is located approximately 100 yards north of the Hoover Dam on the west (Nevada) side of Lake Mead. The design of the 5,000-square-foot building emphasizes a light transparent interior allowing for flexibility and uninterrupted views of both Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, while the exterior is made from heavy solid concrete to complement and reinforce the powerful existing concrete form and permanence of the Hoover Dam. The building will accommodate school groups, provide a space for fully accessible restrooms, create a space for visitors to view exhibits, locate a nurse station in closer proximity to visitors and keep the building flexible for future needs, such as meeting space and events. The building is designed to meet LEED Gold certification. Michael Baker designed both the foundation and the building.

The existing substructure system consists of five reinforced concrete walls supported on stepped footings. The wall footings are doweled into the rock by #6 bars spaced at 24 inches, with an embedment of 12 inches into the rock. The wall reinforcing details include #5 bars at 12 inches on each face, both vertically and horizontally. The walls are monolithically connected to a PT concrete slab at the top forming a moment resting frame. The wall height varies from approximately two feet at the west end to approximately 18 feet at the east end. 

Michael Baker carried out a study using a 3D Finite Element analysis in STAAD using plate/shell elements.  The PT slab-wingwall system was modeled as moment resisting frame in the STAAD model and the footing geometry was modeled to approximately reflect the rock slope. 

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