Air Combat Command Headquarters

Location: Langley Air Force Base, VA

Langley Air Force Base was founded in 1916 to support early research in aviation. The base is named for Samuel P. Langley, who pre-dated the Wright Brothers by a decade with invention of the first “heavier than air” machine to sustain flight. Today, the base houses the Headquarters of the Air Force Air Combat Command. The Command is located in the base’s historic district, most of which was designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn. To provide modern office and operations space within the constraints of older and historic structures, some dating as early as 1918, required very strategic renovations. In one building, for example, Michael Baker achieved a twenty-percent increase in occupancy by transforming an old building with numerous columns and partitions into open-plan office space. The team worked closely with facility users to determine program requirements, adjacencies, equipment and furniture needs, storage needs, and required mechanical and electrical modifications. A complex phased program of renovation totaling 174,000 square feet, Michael Baker assisted in the design of both permanent renovations and temporary “swing” space.

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