Armed Forces Reserve Center Bell

Location: Bell, California

The rich Spanish heritage of this area of California dates back to the mid-16th century, when Bell was formed from a land grant from the King of Spain. This history, along with a very dry climate, served as the context for this project. Design of the facility takes cues from its context in the use of regionally-appropriate materials, forms, and colors. Sun shading, energy efficient building systems, and water-saving features such as native planting create a sustainable solution to this dry, hot climate. Serving local Army Reserve, California National Guard, Navy Reserve, and Marine Reserve units, the facility provides administrative and training space for 1,000 people. The 238,000 square foot project includes a 179,000 square foot Administrative/Training facility, 44,000 square foot Organizational Maintenance Shop, and a 15,000 square foot Unheated Storage building. Administrative, educational, assembly, library, learning center, vault, weapons simulator, and physical training areas are provided, as well as a maintenance shop.

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