Las Vegas City Hall


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

In a City where each new building tries to outdo the last, creating a City Hall that is both distinctive and dignified was an exciting design challenge. Las Vegas desired a City Hall that would create an appropriate image and reflect its richly diverse citizenry.

The new seven-story, 310,000 square foot building achieves these desires, as well as provides efficient administrative and operational space. Design of the building tells the story of the City’s history, including the important role of energy resources in shaping the City.

Honoring its early inhabitants, the Paiute tribe, the City Council Chamber’s curvilinear form references ancient mounds created by underground springs that first attracted the tribe to the area. An image of stratified canyon walls on the building façades references the Hoover Dam, a major power source today; glass fins on the main façade depict the Colorado River cascading down the dam walls. Visually representing the sun, energy source of the future, are rays shooting across the east-wing façade.

Abstract shade “trees” on the plaza incorporating photo voltaic panels are part of a system that provide 115.5 kWDC,or 6% of energy demand. The new LEED Gold building optimizes energy with 35% savings above ASHRAE, achieved through careful selection of exterior materials that reduce solar heat gain and heat-island effect, building commissioning to ensure performance of building systems, and installation of efficient windows and shading. The new building reduces annual energy costs by more than $500,000 compared to the former City Hall, and reduces carbon footprint by 2,348 metric tons. Many sustainable technologies to reduce water usage and control stormwater are also included.

City Hall is a beacon to all that a new Las Vegas, committed to a sustainable future, has arrived. An important new symbol of the City, the project was delivered two months ahead of schedule to reinforce this achievement in relation to election of a new Mayor.

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