VA Las Vegas Medical Center

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

The Veterans Affairs Las Vegas Medical Center is located in North Las Vegas on a 160-acre parcel of land. The facility consists of 936,468 square feet and includes a new 70-bed hospital, 120-bed community living center, a 20-bed mental health facility, and a central utility plant. The VA requested a solution that looks to the future and does not box the facility into an inefficient mode of operation as medical approaches evolve. The design team, along with the VA, recognized that modularity and flexibility will define healthcare into the next century. The design team developed an overall design that utilizes the VA Building System, combined with a very modular approach to present an extremely forward-thinking hospital. The design sets the standard for future medical facilities concerned with lifestyle costs and future expansion, within the VA system, as well as the public realm. The project was completed in joint venture.

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