Navy Gateway Inn & Suites

Location: Newport, RI

Naval Station Newport is the premiere site for training naval leaders, considered the “front porch” of the United States Navy, where most naval officers begin their careers. The new Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (NGIS) will be the first of its kind, improving the quality of the guest experience by incorporating the latest and best trends and innovations of the hospitality industry and establishing a “brand” for the NGIS.
The seven-story structure blends into the adjacent historical context incorporating both historic and contemporary concepts. The angled, L-shape building configuration is oriented towards Coasters Harbor featuring landscaped, terraced exterior patios extending the two-story lobby lounge towards water views. The patio features seating walls, illuminated exterior artwork, and areas for al fresco dining or informal gatherings. Additional amenities accessed from the patio include a fire pit and outdoor kitchen, walkways and seating areas along the harbor.

There are 194 standard guest rooms and 6 guest suites located at the upper building corners that include exterior balconies with multiple scenic views towards the harbor and the Claiborne Pell Bridge beyond. The interior of the building has a decidedly 21st century influence, incorporated both historic and contemporary concepts that ties closely with the exterior building aesthetics. All spaces throughout the NGIS are designed specifically to maximize the admission of natural light and views, which is a key sustainability concept incorporated into the design in anticipation of LEED Silver certification.

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