AFCO Cargo Facility A

Location: Pittsburgh International Airport, Moon Township, PA

With over 7 million square feet of space at 20 airports, Aviation Facilities Company (AFCO) is the leading developer of air cargo facilities in the United States. When AFCO decided to expand its air cargo operations at Pittsburgh International Airport, the firm hired Michael Baker for architectural design, and structural and civil engineering.
AFCO’s new cargo warehouse was designed for a high level of flexibility. The warehouse was planned to accommodate up to five tenants. The building offers “shell” spaces, designed so that each tenant space can be customized, providing flexibility in both mix of tenants and layout of tenant spaces.
This utilitarian structure is a prefabricated metal building, with canopies on both the airside and landside of the facility to mark points of entry and to heighten identity. For ease of cargo transport and unloading, drive-in loading access is provided on the airside of the facility, with an elevated loading dock on the landside. Michael Baker’s services also included coordination with airport, state, and local authorities, planning, and limited construction phase services.

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