DASH Transit Bus Maintenance Facility

Location: Alexandria, VA

The old Colonial-era City of Alexandria is a densely populated “inner ring” suburb of Washington, DC, with few large buildable sites available. Even the few available land parcels in the City large enough to accommodate it were severely constrained. The City identified a site, but the project was almost derailed when an initial study by another architect concluded that the full program would not fit on the small site. Selected for the design, Michael Baker created an unusual solution that places employee parking on top of the building, allowing the full program to fit on the site in an economical manner, and the project was completed under budget and on schedule. The new 90,700 square foot building provides administrative, operations, maintenance, and bus storage space for up to 130 buses. The maintenance garage includes 10 bus bays, with two bus fueling and washing lanes nearby. All bus storage is covered and heated to lessen the impact of cold weather to operations. In the driver spaces are provided locker rooms, quiet rooms, and even an exercise facility. The project is LEED® Gold Certified.

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