Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Michael Baker International, in a collaborative effort with POND Design, competed for and won the competition to design the new flagship intermodal facility for the City of Jacksonville.  Located in the historic LaVilla neighborhood, this project will provide linkage to downtown and will serve as a catalyst for future development.  Dubbed ‘JAXIS’ by the design team, the name caught on and has become a major force behind efforts of the Jacksonville Transit Authority to connect people and places.
The JAXIS program facilities will accommodate JTA’s administrative offices, the Skyway Automated People Mover (APM) service, BRT services, an Intercity Bus Terminal (Greyhound), a Bus Transfer Facility and associated parking areas.  The design team sought to forge connections to various forms of alternative transportation modes, such as sidewalks and pedestrian amenities, bike lanes and bicycle storage facilities, rental car services including taxi/shuttle/auto waiting and drop off, customer services facilities, and site amenities.
An iconic image for the building was the goal of the JTA.  Given the impression of Jacksonville residents as they pass by the site on the way to and from downtown, the design team accomplished precisely that.

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