West Ox Bus Operations Facility

Location: Fairfax, VA

There are a limited number of available land parcels large enough to accommodate land-hungry bus maintenance facilities. This often leads to protests against new facilities, or even lawsuits. For this proposed facility, located across from a residential neighborhood, and visually prominent from a major thoroughfare, the County and design team realized that the facility needed to be a good neighbor. The team worked with local residents to address concerns and then created an attractive face to the public. Although the building is aesthetically-pleasing, it is still economical. Used jointly by the Fairfax Connector system and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, efficiencies from shared space, developed in close collaboration to meet the different operational needs of the two systems, reduced the square footage and therefore cost of the facility. The 300-bus building includes maintenance bays, fueling, bus wash, driver break areas, training, offices, and support spaces. Developed in two phases, Michael Baker provided services for Phase I, and was re-selected by the County for Phase II.

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