Aberdeen Proving Ground Master Planning & GIS Services

Location: Aberdeen, MD

Michael Baker International has held, and still holds comprehensive GIS/Master Planning contracts for Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) since 1993, for services ranging from real property master planning to GIS, CADD and CMMS, and Asset Management services. Under these contracts Michael Baker has added tremendous value. Michael Baker has developed one of the most comprehensive, accurate, and robust enterprise-wide GIS in the Army, possibly the entire DOD. The GIS serves as the basis for the installation-wide asset management services we provide, and has maximized the distribution and use of information to plan improvements, BRAC expansion, operate and maintain the Garrison effectively and efficiently, brought value post September 11, 2001 in terms of immediate changes to the security gates and parking arrangements to improve the security posture, helped advance APG’s environmental stewardship with web tools, furnished all of the programming, environmental, budgeting, and funding documents to recapitalize much of the Garrison via MILCON, supported many of the tenants in ways that maintained satisfaction with the Directorate of Public Works (DPW), and prepared many of the key documents that supported the Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL) effort and private developer selection process. We have shared in all of the Garrison’s installation support challenges and brought success.

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