Monterey Park General Plan

Location: Monterey Park, CA

Michael Baker International prepared the Healthy Community and Sustainable Community Elements for the Monterey Park General Plan and provided environmental clearance with the preparation of an Addendum to the Monterey Park General Plan Final EIR.  The Healthy Community Element establishes goals and policies to guide City efforts to support and promote a healthier community by “making the healthy choice the easy choice” for every community member.  These efforts are designed to make it easier to eat well, be physically active, access health care, reverse unhealthy habits, and avoid exposure to toxins and disease.  The Sustainable Community Element establishes goals and policies to guide City efforts to become a more sustainable and resilient community through changes to municipal operations and by promoting and supporting sustainable behaviors of individual community members. These efforts are designed to reduce private automobile dependency, increase conservation of natural resources, reduce waste, and increase community resiliency by preparing for emergencies.  Health and sustainability indicators and a monitoring program were also developed to allow for the City to measure its progress toward achieving the goals and objectives.  The public participation process engaged a broad cross section of community members to produce a vision plan with several goals and community ideas to achieve those goals. Besides community workshops, outreach efforts included tables at community events, a youth workshop, and toolkits of materials for community members to conduct their own outreach efforts.  These activities were designed to solicit input and generate excitement and understanding of opportunities to achieve a healthy and sustainable community.

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