The Fullerton General Plan


Location: Fullerton, CA

Michael Baker International’s Planning Team partnered with the City of Fullerton to develop The Fullerton Plan, the City of Fullerton’s comprehensive plan to guide growth and development in the City. The Fullerton Plan addresses a movement spreading across California and the nation to return to General Plans as “general”, and as “documents to guide critical decisions by local governments”; this includes being cognizant of the fiscal impacts of various choices. The General Plan provides a “blueprint” for growth and development in Fullerton and includes long-range goals, policies, and maps addressing important community topics ranging from the natural environment to public health and safety, and from transportation to public participation. Michael Baker International designed and implemented an extensive community outreach program including promotional materials, a project website, community education, visioning charrettes, open houses, youth activities and interactive workshops. The Fullerton Plan begins with The Fullerton Vision, which establishes a community-based foundation which captures the qualities, values, and characteristics of the City and provides a sense of purpose and mission, setting the tone for the City’s goals, policies and actions. While The Fullerton Plan includes the state-mandated components of a General Plan, it is organized in a manner that is logically consistent with the community’s vision. Several optional topics were included, including historic preservation, economic development, public health, bicycle, community involvement, and climate change.

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