University District Specific Plan

Location: San Marcos, CA

Michael Baker International developed the University District Specific Plan for the City of San Marcos working closely with residents, business and property owners, California State University at San Marcos (CSUSM) and San Marcos School District representatives, planning and engineering staff, policy makers, and the Council-appointed University District Task Force (UDTF) members to prepare the plan. The Plan provides the community of San Marcos with a clear strategy for developing a strong civic center core, maintaining their strong sense of community and managing future growth sustainably. The Specific Plan (resulting in an amendment to the larger Heart of the City Specific Plan governing approximately 1,500-acres) will emphasize the project area as a university-oriented, mixed-use district. The Plan includes a Form-Based Code for the District, to allow design flexibility for prospective developers and to provide development standards that respond to changing market conditions, as well as Parking/Transportation Demand Management (PDM/TDM) and Low-Impact Development (LID) strategies for reduced parking requirements, a future intra-City shuttle system and comprehensive stormwater runoff management system. The project is envisioned as a truly sustainable development that integrates residential, employment, educational and recreational functions. Furthermore, the project anticipates the use of green building design, alternative energy, and was conceptualized as a walking, bicycling, and transit use district. The project aims to reduce traffic demand and operate as a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant, mixed-use community with ease of access to a healthy balance of community events, plazas, live/work and recreational activities.

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