Marblehead Coastal

Location: San Clemente, CA

Michael Baker International prepared the specific plan, tentative tract map, and commercial and residential site plans for Coastal Commission approval to allow development of the Marblehead Coastal property. The site was one of the last undeveloped coastal properties in Southern California. Located on a coastal plateau, the 248-acre site contained agricultural uses, an abandoned sewer treatment plant, eroding coastal bluffs, degraded coastal sage habitat, and fresh water wetlands. The project is a fully entitled 308 residential dwelling unit (DU) development, which includes a private ocean club, a 52-acre regional commercial center, and over 125 acres of open space. The Marblehead Coastal design preserved the landforms and canyons while integrating habitat protection and restoration with recreational uses throughout. The community is connected by publically accessible recreational trails located throughout the site's natural open space. The project has been acclaimed as an example of how the built and natural environment can co-exist and flourish alongside one another. The Michael Baker team also prepared an extensive visual analysis of the undeveloped coastal area in the City of San Clemente. The visual impacts of the proposed development and resultant viewshed modifications were illustrated in detailed, photorealistic exhibits that were compiled into a PowerPoint presentation. The exhibits illustrated proposed grading, widening of I-5, a new partial cloverleaf interchange, and proposed buildings. This presentation was used at community workshops and public presentations and included a series of graphics showing how the computer-generated views were prepared.

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