Mission Bay Redevelopment

Location: San Francisco, CA

Michael Baker International provided planning, environmental compliance monitoring, civil engineering, and landscape architectural services for the implementation of the Mission Bay Project on the San Francisco Bay waterfront. Michael Baker’s comprehensive array of professional services includes street and public work improvements (including improvements associated with the design of the MUNI light rail system, relocation and installation of new utilities, and channel bank improvements). The design of public amenities includes providing access to San Francisco Bay via pedestrian trails, parks, public overlooks along Mission Creek Park and creation of native wetlands. Michael Baker’s work also includes regulatory permitting including 404 permits through the Army Corps, Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) permit compliance and Regional Water Quality Control Board certifications. Lastly, in a joint effort with Catellus and the City of San Francisco, Michael Baker designed a state-of-the-art web page for the on-going and “real-time” monitoring of mitigation measure implementation and status tracking. This site is available to the greater public such that at any given point in time, the public can access and review the status of a given mitigation measure within the Mission Bay Project site.

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