Clavey River Watershed Action Plan

Location: Tuolumne County, CA

Tuolumne River Trust hired Michael Baker International to prepare the Clavey River Watershed Action Plan, a comprehensive planning program designed to improve the health of, and biological trends in, the watershed of the Clavey River, while allowing for continued use of its resources. The Clavey River remains one of the few free flowing streams in the Sierra. It is protected as a Wild Trout Stream and is recommended for Wild and Scenic River designation. It contains the largest stand of quaking aspen in the Central and Southern Sierra and offers extraordinary hiking, fishing, swimming and many other recreational opportunities. The forests of the Clavey Watershed contain many special status species, such as the spotted owl, and the watershed traverses four out of five western Sierra Nevada life zones. Our conservation planners and biologists prepared the Plan through the use of scientific analyses and facilitated discussions with a diverse technical advisory team (conservation organizations, utility companies, and recreational users) and multiple federal and state resource management agencies, including the United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Forest Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Game, and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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