Hyundai Motor America - North American Corporate Campus Project

Location: Fountain Valley, CA

Michael Baker International assisted the City of Fountain Valley with the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Hyundai Motor America North American Corporate Campus Project. The project proposed to demolish Hyundai’s existing headquarters in Fountain Valley and replace it with an expanded corporate campus with primary components that include an office building, a technical services building, a five-level parking structure, and surface parking. The proposed project included a total of 469,700 square feet of combined office and technical service area and 2,000 parking spaces (1,574 within the parking structure and 426 surface spaces). The facility serves as Hyundai’s North American corporate headquarters and accommodates administrative/executive and technical/research and development functions. Key issues addressed within the EIR included aesthetics/light and glare, air quality, geology and soils, greenhouse gases, noise, and traffic. The analysis considered potential construction-related and operational impacts to existing single-family residential receptors that are located adjacent to the project site.

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