Naval Support Activity Bethesda Sustainability Action Plan

Location: Bethesda, MD

Michael Baker International developed a sustainability action plan to help the installation initiate its sustainability program. The plan considered 13 focus areas and their interrelationships: land use, natural resources, facilities, operations and maintenance, transportation, indoor air quality, outdoor air quality, climate, energy, water, waste, outreach and awareness, and workforce development and training. Michael Baker reviewed over 70 guideline documents such as Department of Defense (DOD), Department of the Navy (DON), federal, state, regional, and local laws, regulations, directives, and policies. Michael Baker created specific measurable metrics to evaluate performance against each of the objectives and conducted an installation workshop to gather input on the proposed goals, objectives, and metrics for each of the 13 focus areas. Michael Baker measured NSA Bethesda's baseline performance across all objectives and developed specific actions the base can take to improve its performance. Michael Baker provided measurement models so that in the future, NSA Bethesda can input progress data and let the models calculate performance. This will help the base check its progress in the future and make adjustments to the plan as necessary. The sustainability action plan will help the base along all four steps of the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" process cycle, thereby enabling the base to continuously improve its sustainability performance. This project received Honorable Mention, Outstanding Sustainable Planning, Design or Development Initiative, Federal Planning Division of the American Planning Association in 2014 and Outstanding Sustainable Planning, Design or Development Initiative in 2013.

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