I-95 Corridor Planning & Finance Study

Location: North Carolina

Michael Baker International leads the I-95 Corridor Planning and Finance Study Project for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The goal of the project is to describe the required capacity, safety and preservation requirements for the I-95 corridor from the South Carolina state line to the Virginia state line.

The I-95 Study includes development and evaluation of reasonable alternatives to advance for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies and potential federal tolling initiatives. The context and scope of the I-95 Study alternatives are based on the assumption that any I-95 improvement will be implemented primarily within or immediately adjacent to the existing I-95 right of way. Small sections of realigned centerline may be considered, where widening is found to have the potential for significant right of way impact.

Michael Baker’s responsibilities include conducting environmental screening, public and agency involvement, preparation of project purpose and need, traffic model design and analysis, and other support for the project. Specific public involvement activities included the development of a public involvement plan, public meetings, marketing, development of a stakeholder database, website creation and extensive web and social media outreach. Purpose and need development involved establishing a basis for developing preliminary alternatives from area development patterns, existing conditions on I-95, modal relationships, and summary of safety concerns. The environmental screening reviews existing information on land use, development, cultural resources and natural systems studies to determine potential areas of concern. Michael Baker also summarized demographic information and review existing noise and air quality issues.

The project consists of a needs assessment (2010), corridor plan study (2011), finance study (2011) and economic assessment (2013).

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