Water / Wastewater

Michael Baker International applies decades of expertise, understanding, and state-of-the-art technology to provide sustainable and integrated solutions that are environmentally appropriate. Water is our most precious resource. Our water goals focus on integrated multi-benefit water resources, including rainfall runoff capture, reuse, recycle, recharge, water supply, flood protection, restoration, and protection of water quality. In addition, every community’s need to address climate change and resiliency continues to be a focus.

As our population and metropolitan areas grow, the efficient storage and conveyance of clean, secure water and the transport and disposal of residual wastes are vital to our well-being. Major rain events and natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods, tax our nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Michael Baker International understands the critical importance of our aging infrastructure, and we make it a priority to assist clients in continually improving these systems for future generations.

Michael Baker International’s Water Group provides innovative consulting, planning and engineering solutions for the entire spectrum of the water cycle. We have proven experience in providing a full range of professional services from scientific and technical analysis, concept through design, and construction support services. Protection and management of water resources starts at the watershed level and follows the movement of water through urban and agricultural areas, streams, lakes and reservoirs, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and water/wastewater treatment plants.

Michael Baker International assists public and private agencies with all aspects of water management from general Water Resources, to Water Infrastructure, to Flood Management to Water Quality.