Logistics and Stability Operations

As a leading provider of diverse, integrated professional services to governments and commercial organizations around the globe, Michael Baker develops and implements tailored, flexible, and efficient solutions to complex challenges of today’s dynamic world.

Michael Baker’s logistics and stability operations division provides high quality, best value professional services to reduce customer-costs, increase customer-efficiencies, and ensure continuous mission-readiness. We offer comprehensive contingency support, operations and maintenance, life support, full scale base operations, facilities management, training, security, procurement, transportation, and global risk management. Michael Baker is recognized for its unique capability to sustain complex base operations in some of the most austere, hostile, and remote environments around the globe.


Base Operations Support

Michael Baker provides comprehensive base operations services supporting temporary and permanent facilities in austere and remote locations. We manage and perform all facilities requirements, including dining, laundry, sanitation, waste management, MWR, communications, transportation, utilities, facilities maintenance and repair, security, and complex risk management solutions. Michael Baker’s exceptional base operations services improve and preserve the wellbeing of thousands of Government operatives and civilians around the world.

Contingency Logistics and Stability Operations

Michael Baker is recognized for its agility, reliability, and dependability in delivering innovative solutions to clients worldwide, including some of the most austere and challenging environments of the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Africa. We provide turnkey logistics and base support, sustaining operations throughout volatile periods of combat, reconstruction, and transition. Michael Baker uses new technology and evolving techniques to effectively mobilize advanced in-country teams. Our multimodal transportation solutions combined with efficiencies of materials handling, warehouse management and stock control, logistics support and local labor brokerage services allow us to ensure safe and timely delivery anywhere in the world.

Operations and Maintenance

Michael Baker offers a large portfolio of exceptional operations and maintenance capabilities. We balance cost-effectiveness with resourceful, innovative planning to provide the best possible solutions to our clients’ operational challenges. We deliver our globally-tested expertise in all aspects of facilities and base operations—from planning, building, operating, maintaining, and repairing facilities, to strategic operational readiness and sustainment. Our resources, assets, and personnel are flexible to be rapidly deployed, integrated, and demobilized within a short timeframe almost anywhere in the world to provide end-to-end professional services and technical support.

Security and Global Risk Management

Michael Baker offers our diversified portfolio of comprehensive security and global risk management capabilities. We minimize risk to property and personnel by providing the greatest level of safety, security, and comfort to our clients. Under multiple contracts, Michael Baker has successfully performed low profile movements, journey management, site surveys and remote location risk assessments, static, mobile, and advanced intelligence security; no matter the risk, Michael Baker is able to continuously produce results, using the best qualified security personnel to implement our sophisticated security solutions. Michael Baker’s global recruiting network allows us to select skilled and seasoned security experts to lead complex missions and perform to the highest international security standards set forth by the industry.