I-10/Jefferson Interchange Wins 2019 ACEC California Merit Award

Michael Baker’s I-10/Jefferson Interchange Street project was recognized by ACEC California with a Merit Award as part of its 2019 Engineering Excellence Awards.

Originally constructed in 1958, the I-10/Jefferson Interchange had major geometric deficiencies and operational limitations. The resulting constricted traffic flow could not accommodate the significant growth that has occurred since the interchange was originally designed.

Michael Baker served as the lead designer for the $42.3 million I-10/Jefferson Street Interchange project, which includes two parallel 78-foot-wide by 440-foot-long bridges, resulting in a six-lane overcrossing designed for traffic entering and exiting the I-10 freeway from both directions. The new overcrossing also has dedicated turning lanes and shoulders wide enough to accommodate a bicycle lane and a sidewalk for northbound pedestrians. Five entrance and exit ramps were constructed along with one spread footing and four mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls.

The newly expanded interchange is more intuitive to navigate and eases traffic congestion for 1.4 million visitors to the region annually.

To date, the I-10/Jefferson Street Interchange project has received the following recognition:

  • 2018 ASCE San Bernardnio-Riverside Branch Project of the Year