Marquette Interchange Rehabilitation is ACEC Wisconsin’s 2019 Engineering Excellence State Finalist (1)

Michael Baker’s efforts to preserve the Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, earned the team a 2019 State Finalist Award from ACEC Wisconsin.

The Marquette Interchange is a major, high-volume roadway in the Milwaukee area, carrying more than 300,000 vehicles per day throughout the region. The interchange serves as the primary route from Chicago to Minneapolis. At the time of its original construction in 2008, it was the largest interchange project in the state of Wisconsin.

Michael Baker provided preliminary and final structure design and construction staging services for this rehabilitation project as a planned maintenance project to prevent possible deterioration of the deck surfaces and prolong major reconstruction.

Our team worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to review a study, performed by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, on four different types of overlay treatments before selecting a polyester polymer concrete (PPC) overlay system, which would minimize disruptions to the public and provide a long-lasting protective barrier on the 30 bridge decks throughout the interchange.