South Bay Water Reclamation Plant Demineralization Facility is ASCE Region 9 Wastewater Treatment Project of the Year

Michael Baker’s demineralization facility design project has been recognized by ASCE Region 9 as the 2018 Wastewater Treatment Project of the Year. 

The new demineralization facility at the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant (SBWRP) allows the City of San Diego to produce higher quality recycled water to better serve customers and meet increasingly stringent requirements by the Regional Water Quality Control Board to reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as part of Salt and Nutrient Plans developed for groundwater basins.

Our team provided preliminary and detailed design and construction phase engineering services for the installation of the new facility. This design-build project involved the relocation of two containerized electrodialysis reversal (EDR) modules and the permanent installation and integration of the facility into the existing 15.0 MGD plant.