ASCE-Orange County Selects Tesoro Water Facilities Project as Water Project of the Year

ASCE-Orange County recently selected Michael Baker’s Tesoro Zone II and Zone B Water Facilities as its Water Project of the Year.

Michael Baker provided design and construction phase engineering support services for 15,500 linear feet (LF) of 24-inch potable water and 20-inch recycled water transmission pipelines (cement mortar lined and coated welded steel), one 3.0-MG potable Zone II water welded-steel tank, and one 2.0-MG recycled Zone B water welded-steel tank. The project included 163,000 cubic yards (CY) of earthwork, plus 102,000 CY of remedial grading for construction of a 7,500 LF all-weather access road and tank pad. The pipeline and roadway construction also required the relocation of 700 LF of an existing 18-inch sanitary sewer pipeline, which serves the entire Coto de Caza community of approximately 15,000 residents.

The project faced several challenges, including the need to maintain continuous flow in the sewer system during the relocation of 700 LF of 18-inch sanitary sewer. In response to this challenge, we developed a detailed bypass plan which included a spill prevention plan and emergency spill response plan. Because the area lacked public utility facilities, four photovoltaic (solar) systems were designed to provide power for cathodic protection rectifiers and reservoir telemetry equipment. Lastly, design and construction required coordination with the construction of Los Patrones Parkway, which includes a 50-foot high fill over the pipeline alignment.