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Michael Baker is one of the foremost experts in the application of remote sensing technology for cataloging information on our nation’s critical infrastructure. We have been leveraging LiDAR technology since performing the world’s first commercial aerial LiDAR project in 1997. Today, Michael Baker is the recognized leader in the LiDAR profession and is the trusted provider of Mobile LiDAR services to federal, state, municipal and commercial clients.

Michael Baker’s suite of mobile, static, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and wearable LiDAR offer previously unachievable resolutions and detail. From a single survey session, Michael Baker’s systems facilitate rapid and accurate collection of digital data (LiDAR and spherical imagery) for easy identification of natural and as-built features that support design and planning needs for precision and completeness.

Our team of experts within our LiDAR Center of Excellence operates the nation’s largest fleet of engineering-grade Mobile LiDAR systems, which have successfully performed over 400+ projects throughout 29 U.S. states—as well as multiple countries—and guided 12 departments of transportation through their first adoption of Mobile LiDAR deliverables.

Our indoor mapping capabilities further expand the innovative solutions we offer our clients. This includes the latest simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology to simplify and expedite the data collection process. Through this technology, our team can seamlessly capture and align indoor and outdoor environments to create comprehensive views of an entire airport. Michael Baker leads the profession for integration of technology and is always mindful of quality, our reputation, and our client’s expectations.


Aaron Morris, GISP

National LiDAR and Pavement Practice Executive


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