Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin Group is a leading comprehensive management consulting and technology solutions provider helping public and private organizations, governments, and communities manage their complex federally funded disaster and non-disaster public programs.

Backed by decades of experience leading large-scale emergency management programs, Tidal Basin’s full suite of integrated solutions is designed to help clients and partners achieve their disaster and non-disaster program management goals more effectively. These solutions include advisory support, technical assistance, grant program management, risk and financial compliance, customer service, and customized software and technology solutions that build resilience to help communities Be stronger than before™.

Tidal Basin complements Michael Baker’s efforts to support the nation’s recovery efforts and rebuild infrastructure and environments to be safer and more resilient. Offering a full range of capabilities, the team combines the depth and breadth of Michael Baker’s engineering, construction management, and consulting expertise with Tidal Basin’s full life cycle emergency management offerings, including preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery program management services.

News Release: Michael Baker International Acquires Tidal Basin


DATAMARK Technologies

DATAMARK Technologies provides a new era of 9-1-1 and redefines interoperability for the public safety industry. The company combines DATAMARK, Michael Baker’s public safety division known for best-in-class geographic information systems (GIS) data management and software solutions, with DDTI, a top-tier Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) location services provider.

This strategic union heralds a new era of 9-1-1 and redefines geospatial data management for the public safety industry. DATAMARK Technologies is the only provider of a fully integrated solution that empowers organizations to manage, maintain and leverage GIS data to the highest industry standards that improve call routing accuracy, offer seamless discrepancy resolution and unwavering location fidelity for call takers with enhanced interoperability.

News Release: Michael Baker International, LLC Acquires Digital Data Technologies, Inc., Launches DATAMARK Technologies


Gavan-Graham Electrical Products

Gavan-Graham Electrical Products stands out as a leading original equipment manufacturer serving the power distribution market. The firm manufactures and assembles mission-critical, customized power solutions across multiple industries for a broad customer base. Key capabilities include core custom design, engineering, project management and manufacturing.

Gavan-Graham works within Michael Baker’s Sustainable and Resilient Solutions (SRS) business and Akela Engineering and Consulting on projects for industrial and commercial markets, allowing the firm to insource electrical product supply and installation on existing projects. The collaborative partnership provides critical electrical products to enhance resilience for vertical infrastructure and support electrification and clean energy initiatives.

News Release: Michael Baker International Acquires Gavan-Graham Electrical Products

Akela A Michael Baker Company International

Akela Engineering and Consulting is a full-service mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP)+ engineering firm that provides premier building engineering solutions. Akela's expertise includes heating and cooling, electrical systems, security and lighting design. The company also offers a wide range of decarbonization, strategic planning, building optimization, energy resilience and emerging technology solutions.

Akela was established in 2022 as a result of the successful merger of two leading Southern California MEP engineering firms, Michael Wall Engineering and DEC Engineers. These firms were renowned for their cutting-edge expertise in MEP engineering and consulting services.

Akela partners with Michael Baker’s Sustainable and Resilient Solutions (SRS) group to offer clients holistic, smart and resilient building solutions across market sectors. SRS services include architecture, structural engineering, telecommunications, cybersecurity and fire protection. Through their combined capabilities, Akela and Michael Baker partner with clients to achieve the highest levels of building design, comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

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MLU Services, Inc.

MLU Services, Inc. (MLU) is a national logistics and disaster response firm headquartered in Athens, Georgia. The firm operates within Michael Baker’s Tidal Basin Group,  a program management consulting firm providing integrated technology, resilience and emergency management solutions.

The strategic union combines MLU’s services with Tidal Basin’s grant and case management technology and program management expertise, as well as Michael Baker’s technology, planning, engineering design and construction solutions.

Together, the combined team provides a full emergency management spectrum of services from pre-disaster preparedness, sustainability and resilience services to emergency response in the critical hours and days following a disaster, to long-term disaster recovery and hazard mitigation preparedness to build stronger, more resilient organizations and communities.

News Release: Michael Baker International Acquires MLU Services, Inc., Expanding Resiliency Consulting and Technology Solutions


Infinity MEP+S Consultants

Infinity MEP+S Consultants is a Houston, Texas-based Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), structural, fire protection and technology design firm.

The addition of Infinity MEP+S complements Michael Baker’s Sustainable and Resilient Solutions (SRS) vertical and the Akela Engineering and Consulting team, which deliver MEP, structural engineering, design services, telecommunications, cybersecurity and fire protection offerings to Federal, infrastructure and commercial clients.

This integrated team provides a full continuum of MEP, engineering, technology and consulting services to address clients’ most complex structural and building challenges. The union expands Michael Baker’s geographic footprint in Texas and the United Arab Emirates and strengthens its reach in the energy, life sciences, higher education and distributed energy resource design spaces.

News Release: Infinity MEP+S Consultants joins Michael Baker International to Strengthen and Enhance the Firm’s MEP, Fire Protection and Structural Offerings