Contract Number: 47QRAA21D008D
Contract Title: GSA Professional Services Schedule Contract
Contract Period: August 2021 through August 2026

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) was developed by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to consolidate individual Schedule Contracts for professional services under a single contract vehicle to reduce administrative time and costs. Through the PSS Program, customers can issue a single purchase order to obtain a variety of services using pre-negotiated pricing, terms and conditions.

The PSS Contract is particularly appealing to federal agencies when procuring requirements and services that fall under various functional domains. For example, a federal agency can use the PSS to issue a task order to Michael Baker to perform a requirement that includes services that fall within the scope of multiple GSA Schedules.

Services available through the GSA are identified by Special Item Numbers (SINs). Under the PSS Program, the GSA has entered into a contract with Michael Baker that any federal agency (and State and local governments under cooperative purchasing agreements) can procure services in the following areas; additional information and service area points of contact can be obtained by clicking on the links under Services Description below:

Services descriptions under Michael Baker's PSS Schedule Contract:

Technical & Engineering Services (Non-IT)

  • SIN 541330 Engineering Services
  • SIN 541420 Engineering System Design and Integration Services
  • SIN 541715 Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
  • SIN 541370GIS Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services

Environmental Services

  • SIN 541620 Environmental Consulting Services
  • SIN 562910REM Environmental Remediation Services

Information Technology Services

  • SIN 54151S Information Technology Professional Services

Facilities Services

  • SIN 541690E Energy Consulting Services

Testing and Analysis

  • SIN 541380 Testing Laboratories Services


  • SIN 611430 Professional and Management Development Training

Business Administrative Services

  • SIN 541611 Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services

Extensive information on the GSA Schedules is available at the following sites:


Jade Rung, P.E., PMP

National Market Lead, Interagency




Terry McAllister, CSCM

Contract Administration Manager