Alaska Energy Security Task Force Report

Anchorage, Alaska

Michael Baker International worked with the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) to provide technical assistance to the Alaska Energy Security Task Force (Task Force). The Task Force was established through Gov. Dunleavy’s administrative orders No. 344 and No. 345 to develop a comprehensive statewide energy plan that evaluates energy generation, distribution and transmission for the state of Alaska and its communities.

To develop an initial statewide energy plan, the Task Force delivered the Alaska Energy Security Task Force Report. Michael Baker worked collaboratively with the AEA and Task Force members to develop the plan and report in under six months from engagement.  The Alaska Energy Security Task Force consists of 15 voting members and five ex officio members, appointed by the governor and chaired by the lieutenant governor.

Through a public planning process with over 150 hours of public meetings, the Task Force identified over 60 recommendations across six energy priority areas for the three distinct regions of Alaska. The report recommends actions that will help pave the way to a more affordable and sustainable energy future in reaching the goal of energy affordability, reliability and resilience.

Actions include the identification of policies, programs, regulatory changes and funding that can accelerate the adoption of these energy strategies. The next steps identified in the report include select actions for immediate adoption by the state legislature.


“The Alaska Energy Security Task Force Report recommends actions that help pave the way to a more affordable and sustainable energy future for the state of Alaska.”
-Project Manager

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