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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

One of Michael Baker’s first major post-World War II projects was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing engineering services for a multi-million-dollar public works program to help the development of the nation and its natural resources, including the design and construction of highways, railroads, airports, power plants, water supply systems, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, government buildings, harbor development and many other infrastructure assignments.

The wide-ranging engineering consulting and construction management work for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began in 1951, crossing many areas of expertise. Michael Baker was hired by the Kingdom to serve as the consulting engineer and construction administrator responsible for design, purchase of materials, and equipment and construction of a wharf, customs buildings, major highway systems, airports, water supply systems, electrical generating and distribution systems, a hospital, a $30-million military air base and additions to the King’s palaces.

Long after this historical project, the favorable impression made by Michael Baker’s comprehensive work lingered in Saudi Arabia. It is a testament of the dedication and vision of our founder, Michael Baker, Jr., who ensured the company created a long-range development contract for Saudi Arabia and secured nearly three years of project work from the nation.


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