Fort Lee Lodge

Fort Lee, Virginia

The 500,000-square-foot Fort Lee Lodge is the largest Army lodge built in the continental United States. Site development includes parking for 600 vehicles, utilities, storm drainage, low-impact design (LID) and high-risk target antiterrorism/force protection measures. The lodge, including architecture, interior design and comprehensive building engineering, features 900 extended-stay guest rooms, 100 guest suites, in-house laundry areas, kitchen and serving facilities for a 350-seat restaurant, administrative offices, storage, and delivery support areas.

The modern, comfortable accommodations at Fort Lee ease the stress of soldiers being separated from family and loved ones during training. Moreover, the lodge provides occupants with a state-of-the art facility with practical, functional and comfortable amenities and aesthetic beauty utilizing conservation-minded sustainable features.

The government’s initial design concept called for a 15-story tower that would have posed cost complications and an insensitive approach to the existing historical context. In response, Michael Baker proposed a cost-effective seven-story, H-shaped building design that more closely aligned with the aesthetic and natural character of the surrounding area. The architecture, engineering and construction process evolved collaboratively through a design-build approach to best serve the client’s expectations. Through collaborative design meetings and information-sharing, a holistic concept was developed and implemented throughout design and construction.

With an emphasis on green design and construction, the project obtained LEED® Silver certification, achieving credits in the categories of Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design. Our team integrated sustainable elements related to site restoration, maximization of natural spaces and low-impact exterior lighting. The site plan encourages maintaining open green space to be enjoyed by guests, non-invasive to the natural environment and energy efficient for the owner.

Standard of Excellence

“This facility provides safe and secure lodging for soldiers and allied international military students in a manner that also enhances their educational environment.”

Joseph C.
Project Manager

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