Intelligent Transportation

Emerging technologies promise to dramatically reduce transportation fatalities, while providing an unprecedented amount of data and information that can be used to improve the access to and delivery of transportation solutions.

As a leader in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart mobility, Michael Baker leverages transformative technologies to plan, design and deploy solutions that help agencies across the United States improve mobility, reduce traffic fatalities and improve safety. We contribute our technological expertise to advance the development of intelligent transportation, active traffic management, connected vehicle systems, tolling infrastructure and mobility-as-a-service to improve the quality of life within the communities we serve.

"The transportation industry is on the cusp of a significant evolution with the onset of connected and autonomous vehicles and smart transportation corridors. Michael Baker is on the leading edge of shaping how intelligent transportation can change mobility in cities and states. By helping our clients plan and deploy intelligent transportation elements, it can significantly improve safety and mobility and, in turn, the quality of life for the users of the transportation system."

Matt Smith, P.E., Specialty Practice Lead, CAV/Emerging Technologies

- Matt has more than 25 years of transportation technology deployment and transportation operations experience.


Matt Smith, P.E.

Specialty Practice Lead, CAV/Emerging Technologies


David Liebgold, P.E., P.P.

Specialty Practice Lead, Traffic/ITS


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Intelligent Transportation

The Future of Transportation

Transforming Mobility Through Technology

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Technology Spotlight

Malcolm DoughertyMalcolm Dougherty, West Regional Director, was a guest on SAE International’s Tomorrow Today podcast.
Malcolm discusses the massive shift infrastructure planning is undergoing, including planning for a frictionless mobility future through singular payment options and connected modes of travel; the infrastructure changes and energy grid improvements needed to further support the shift to electric cars and buses; and how airports and stadiums, especially those in dense urban environments, will be impacted by vehicle electrification.

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