Engineered Models—Providing Faster, Accurate and Efficient Planning and Construction

By Daniel Jensen, P.E., Chair – 3D/BIM Technical User Group

Michael Baker International’s 3D/BIM Technical User Group is Making a Difference for clients with technology that can transform the way we design, build and manage our infrastructure assets. Read on to learn more about engineered models and their role in connecting raw site conditions and the digital environment.

What capabilities do engineered models offer our clients?

In addition to traditional 3D engineered models, Michael Baker can offer many services to clients related to this technology, such as:

  • Utilization of 4D and 5D modeling for scheduling and pricing.
  • Custom training courses and materials.
  • Support for the creation of personalized workspaces and workflows.
  • A model as the contract document.
  • Robust QA/QC process for digital delivery.
  • Advanced modeling techniques for real-time data and decision making.
  • Integration of LiDAR and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into federated models.
  • 3D animations and still renderings for public involvement and comment.
  • Utilization of immersive technologies involving augmented and virtual reality for inspections and stakeholder engagement.

What does a typical day look like using engineered models?

Engineered modeling, often combined with the related topics of building information modeling (BIM) and digital delivery, is transforming how we design, build and manage our infrastructure assets. The technology industry is rapidly changing, and Michael Baker remains at the forefront of the latest advancements. As part of our commitment to provide value, we are constantly testing and implementing new and innovative ideas. This leads to increased product discovery and testing, generates brainstorming sessions on how to best utilize new tools, and boosts stakeholder engagement to understand use cases and coordination with software and hardware venders to help with updates.

How have engineered models evolved since inception, and how is Michael Baker using this technology for the future?

Since the inception of engineered models at Michael Baker, our team has grown from a select few individuals trying to navigate clunky workflows to a large team involved in every discipline working with tested and proven processes. Our experience delivering top projects has given us the ability to train many groups and offices within the company to continue providing the best products for our clients. We continue to develop our understanding of new technology to better serve our clients.

What are some examples of how Michael Baker utilizes engineered models?

Michael Baker has had the opportunity to deliver multiple projects with the Utah and Michigan Departments of Transportation using these models as the contract documents. The deliverables submitted include 3D documentation of every discipline involved. We also have project experience building and customizing workspaces for departments of transportation, as well as creating training materials and courses.

When it comes to engineered models, what does Making a Difference mean to you?

We Make a Difference every time we reduce the costs and delivery time in both engineering and construction. If we can deliver a set of documents that leads to a better understanding of the design, then we have provided for a better review, construction and easier utilization of those documents for years to come. We can Make a Difference in everything we do by thinking about the client and continually improving workflows to provide better results.

Our employees thrive as they are continually challenged and rewarded with intricate and interesting projects, won from our experience and knowledge, which allow us to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

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