Michael Baker International Announces Promotion of Jeff Campbell to Regional Director of Great Lakes Region

Pittsburgh (May 16, 2014) - Michael Baker International has announced the promotion of Jeff Campbell, P.E., Senior Vice President, to Regional Director of the Great Lakes Region.   Campbell’s promotion is part of a new operations-centric structure for the Company, focused on office-level business units expanding to provide the Company’s full portfolio of services, locally.  As Regional Director, Campbell will play a significant role in fostering the growth of the offices through advancement of the firm’s extensive expertise in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and Iowa.

“Jeff Campbell’s experience and expertise in the Great Lakes region brings Michael Baker International the ability to expand our presence significantly, offering the full spectrum of differentiated services to our clients,” stated Chief Executive Officer Kurt Bergman.  “Baker pioneered this region and we will continue to serve our local clients with the strength of our Pittsburgh presence along with our new global capabilities to bring them increased value and trusted advisors to accomplish their goals, locally.”

In addition to the promotion of Campbell and five Regional Directors named across the country, Baker International named 33 Office Executives nationwide to provide unified local leadership.  Based on their extensive leadership strengths, the eight Office Executives selected in the Great Lakes Region include:

  • John O’Neill, P.E. – Chicago, IL
  • James B. Williams, P.E. – Louisville, KY
  • Paul Gluck, P.E., PMP – Cleveland, OH (includes Canton and Columbus, OH)
  • Eric Frary, P.E. – Horsham, PA (includes Allentown and Philadelphia, PA)
  • Steven Barber, P.E., P.T.O.E. – Harrisburg, PA (includes Middletown, PA)
  • David Martin, P.E. – Pittsburgh, PA (includes Moon and Beaver, PA)
  • Russell Hall, P.E. – Charleston, WV
  • Kenton Zinn, P.E., S.E. – Madison, WI (includes Milwaukee, WI and Indianapolis, IN)

“The Promotion of Jeff Campbell and the eight Office Executives will streamline operations, and provide the Great Lakes Region with the strength it needs to address the growing demand for Michael Baker International’s services region-wide,” stated Jeff Hill, Chief Operating Officer.

The launch of Michael Baker International’s national and global expansion program directly relates to the high demand, growing need and opportunity for expanded engineering, planning, construction management, intelligence, technology services across the nation and the increasing need for these services internationally.

About Michael Baker International, LLC

Michael Baker International, LLC (Baker International), is a leading global provider of engineering and consulting services which includes planning, architectural, environmental, construction, program management, and full life cycle support services as well as information technology and communications services and solutions. Baker provides its comprehensive range of services and solutions in support of U.S. federal, state, and municipal governments, foreign allied governments, and a wide range of commercial clients.  With more than $1.3 billion in annual revenue, Baker International has more than 6,000 employees in over 90 offices located across the U.S. and internationally. To learn more about Michael Baker International visit: www.mbakerintl.com.


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